Friends by Abe Galloway


Friends are very good they are nice to you and keep you occupied and if you are feeling down they will help you and they will always be there for you.   You can tell your best friend anything you can tell them you are a super star you can tell them you hate stuff, you can tell them anything.   We are going to go right now on a little adventure and I’m going to tell you what friends really do.   They may come to your house they might give you letters and if you get a row from the teacher they might take the blame away from you and they will take it and they are very good, if you push someone they might not tell on you and the only way to get friends is to be one so if you are feeling down be a friend to someone and they will be a friend back and if you feel down remember you have a friend.  So that’s our little journey ended so have a good time and remember the only way to get a friend is to be one.  So bye and have a good friend life.  So see ya and if you want to be in my next journey go to www.abeworld.webs.com